Five Things You May Not Have Known About Me

1.  My family STILL doesn’t know my author name! They know I write, but it’s kinda weird having my mom and aunties read about the various steamy scenes I’ve written over the years. I’ll reveal it in due time. lol

2.  I used to work at a collection agency getting screamed by people calling them about their past due bills. OMG I hated that job! I still wake up with night terrors if I happen to dream about it. lol

3.  I’m a wine lover-preferably red and especially Malbecs, scary movies, green smoothies, hoodies, and Timberland boots.

4.  I love Kevin Hart, 90’s hip hop, Gossip Girl…and many, many other things.

5.  In addition to YA, my favorite book genres are: new adult, self-help and history and a dash of erotica!  Also whatever Morgan Matson writes…that girl is a MASTER!

Lovely reading,